We Will...

  • Provide a friendly, helpful and welcoming environment. 
  • Make our services and support accessible to you. 
  • Deliver our services and support with honesty, openness, straightforwardness and efficiency. 
  • Be client led, flexible and adaptable. 
  • Treat you as an individual, fairly and with respect. 
  • Be non-judgemental of you and your situation – current or past. 
  • Always respect your confidentiality and keep your information safe and secure.   
  • Adopt a holistic and ‘stepping stone’ approach to progress you. 
  • Be thorough and listen actively to your needs and aspirations. 
  • Provide tailored support and give accurate, up-to-date information, advice and guidance to meet your needs, ability and aspirations. 
  • Discuss your options and set agreed objectives for you to achieve. Support and challenge you to overcome your barriers to employment and become ready for work. 
  • Protect your personal information & never share it with others without your consent. 
  • Comply with health, safety and welfare, equality and diversity, data protection, and confidentiality legislation and requirements. 
  • Take responsibility for our actions. 
  • Use your feedback to improve our services and support. 

What we expect from you...

  • To attend all agreed appointments/meetings and arrive on time. 
  • To contact us as soon as possible if you are unable to attend your appointment. 
  • To inform us of any change in your circumstances. 
  • To behave appropriately and respect staff, volunteers, clients, visitors, premises and facilities. 
  • To actively engage with us and our service and support. 
  • To be responsible for achieving all your agreed objectives. 
  • To search and apply for suitable paid jobs between appointments. 
  • To give us feedback on our service and support 

To access our policies....

send a message to request access to our policies