Graft’s History

Graft has been supporting disadvantaged job seekers in Reading since 2003. In the beginning, Graft was a project within Reading Borough council and our original remit was to co-ordinate the activities of disability support groups that engaged with the local authority’s Ways into work programme by :


  • Bringing the groups together
  • Creating a forum where they could share information and good practice
  • promoting the benefits of engaging a diverse workforce to local employers


By 2005 Graft was receiving requests for support outside our original remit. At this point Graft became independent of the local authority and in 2006/7 became a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee.



In 2008, in response to continued requests for support from outside of the Reading area. Graft launched itself as Graft ( Thames Valley) limited. This formal change to our status allows us to deliver our services across the Thames Valley and to work in partnership with other service providers.



By 2009 Graft had developed from a small project into a small business and was now leading in partnership bids and application for long term funding. our board of trustees had developed and our business plan was revised to support the demand for our services in the Thames Valley.



In 2012 Grafts efforts were recognised in the Pride of Reading awards with the ‘Making a difference’ award.