Graft Thames Valley delivers and facilitates various group employability training sessions and workshops including:



This training is designed to build confidence in people who have been out of work for some time and who are struggling to get back into employment.  This training will help you to identify and build on your strengths, to understand some of the barriers you are facing and give you a checklist of support to move forwards.  



For those who are ready to commence their job search, this training will take you through a step-by-step process to ensure your are fully prepared.  Training will cover all of the basics – such as producing a CV, preparing for interviews etc. and it will also teach you some of the ‘softer’ skills such as ‘personal presentation‘, ‘positive body language‘ and  ‘understanding what the interviewer is really asking you‘.  This training will also help you to understand you rights and responsibilities under The Equalities Act and will help you to disclose any sensitive personal information in a positive way.  



This training is designed to support those who are ready to commence their job search or have have been job searching for a while. This training will help you to stay positive and motivated throughout your job searching process.  You will learn to recognise the things that have a negative impact and receive guidance on how to deal with these situations.  You will also learn to identify and build upon your strengths and techniques to keep your self confidence high.  If you are feeling flat, out of ideas, or just plain fed-up with job searching this course will re-energise you and get you back to tip-top performance.



Most people find attending an interview a bit frightening.  This training will take the worry out of interviews and will help you to present yourself at your very finest.  Training will re-affirm your strengths and help you to present them positively.  Training will also help you to overcome your fears and to present yourself in a positive and professional way.  This training will help you to take control of the interview and to make sure that you are able to effectively communicate your strengths and give yourself the best possible change of getting the job.


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