We provide a support package to local employers to enable you to widen your recruitment pool by creating a healthy workplace and assist your organisation to get involved with the wider community through direct action. 

Helping you to achieve your CSR targets, raise staff motivation and self-esteem through helping others. 

By engaging with Graft your organisation will ultimately be helping disabled/disadvantaged job seekers in the Thames Valley area. Graft is very acutely aware of the difficulties hiring neurodiverse individuals can bring. We are ourselves disability confident employers. For that reason, we have devised a number of support packages for employers. 

Our comprehensive range of training, business and management support, and staff awareness training – are all designed to help you to realise the financial benefits of creating a diverse and healthy workplace. 

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The ways we can add real value and help your business:


Graft can help businesses to meet the criteria of their CSR programmes.  Working with businesses we can provide Access Audits, Policy Reviews and support to meet the requirements of The Equalities Act.  Our support also empowers businesses to get involved with the wider community through direct action – evidencing robust Corporate Social Responsibility and providing a positive PR platform. 


Graft offers this service to business to particularly help them to develop staff with ‘alternative learning styles’This could be staff who may be on the autism spectrum, who have a learning difficulty, are dyslexic or experiencing a period of mental ill health, stress or anxiety.  This service will be tailored to each businesses requirements and can include mentoring, training, advocacy and  in-work support. 


Creating a healthy workplace is a must for all responsible employers.  Graft can support your business with a free ‘health check’ and will then work with you to implement some simple strategies that will build staff loyalty and reduce attrition – saving your business both time and money. 


Grafts experienced employment support officers will work with your business to define a structured return to work for staff who have had a long-term absence from work.  Whether this is due to illness, accident, acquiring a disability, mental ill health, caring responsibilities or maternity/paternity leave, Graft will help you structure a return-to-work plan that will benefit all parties and reduce stress, anxiety and further sick leave. 

Our team of experienced professionals will work with individuals and teams to develop learning and achievement and to gain the maximum potential from all.  Programmes will be built around business and individual needs and will be evidence based and outcomes focused. 

Graft offers the following training sessions – all of which can be adapted to specific business requirements.